Friday, August 12, 2016

Javier Baez - 2016 Topps Museum Collection Quad Relic

One of my current favorite cards is this Javier Baez Primary Pieces Quad Relic card.  Since the jersey has some dirt on it, it gives the relic some personality.  Also, I believe the blue swatch is from the "C" in the cubs logo.  It definitely has the feeling of a patch.

Relic cards are fun to collect as they are usually fairly cheap and I always try to keep an eye out for a nice patch or jersey swatch with dirt on it.


  1. That is a beaut. You're right - the dirt is what truly sets it apart and makes it unique; nice find!

  2. You're right, relics are much cheaper and when done right they look really sharp. That Baez card is phenomenal! Maybe I should look into picking up more relics.

    1. Thanks! I won this one on ebay for about $8 including shipping. You have to do a little hunting, but I've found several awesome relics for pretty cheap on ebay. If there is a patch in there it might make the price jump up, but I like the relics with dirt on them too.