Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mail Day #1

My first mail day on the blog is for 3 cards I got online.  I got an Anthony Alford Bowman Inception 2016 auto, Arismendy Alcantara Topps Heritage 2014 auto and a Kris Bryant Topps National Baseball Card Day 2016.

My local card shop didn't participate in NBCD 2016, but I figured I might as well pick up the one card I was interested in for a couple dollars online.

The Alcantara is my first Topps Heritage autograph and I really do love the look of this card.  Topps Heritage autos are so cool looking on "vintage" paper stock and I hope to find more in the future.

Anthony Alford is currently no. 98 on MLB's Top 100 prospect list.  I hope he does well in the future and the card goes up in value.  Even if it doesn't, I love the look of these cards with the galaxy background.

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