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Awesome Mail Day! First Superfractor!

I use for case breaks and "pick a pack" from time to time.  I have had some decent hits before, but none like I had last week.  The way pick a pack works is you go to the site and buy random hobby packs with a number.  Then the packs are mixed up out of the box (on live video feed) and numbered randomly.

I purchased some packs of 2016 Donruss Optic Baseball and Football, 2016 Panini Classic Football.  I also was given a free pack of 2016 NBA Hoops.  Each pack purchased last week got you an entry into a drawing for a 2015 Spectra Garrett Grayson Superfractor.  I had 10 entries and actually won!

First up is the Superfractor I won.  It's of Garrett Grayson from the Saints and it's the first one I have ever had.  Looks really nice in person.

From Optic Baseball I pulled a Manny Machado green parallel 2/5 and a Buster Posey Diamond Kings gold parallel 3/10! 

For my NBA Hoops pack I pulled an auto of Dakari Johnson.  I don't follow much basketball, so I haven't heard of this player.

I would say I had some pretty good luck last week.  I'm not PC-ing any of these teams or players, so all of these are up for trade.  I'm always on the lookout for Cubs cards and I want to get some Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliot cards.


  1. I did some of the Lone Star Box Breaks holiday packs last year. Didn't pull anything of note and they sent the package without enough postage, so I had to pay to get it from the post office. When I messaged them about it, they never responded.

    It looks like you've had better luck with them, though. Nice pulls!

    1. Thanks! That's a bummer, sorry you had a bad experience with them. I haven't any shipping issues yet.

  2. I'd be interested in trying to scrounge up some good Cubs to trade you for the Manny Machado.

    1. Dang, I didn't see your message in time. I had posted in on eBay and someone already snatched it up. Sorry!


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