Friday, October 28, 2016

Trade Days #3

Gavin, of Baseball Card Breakdown, and I had another trade.  He has a "Christmas Card" collection going and wanted the Dallas Keuchel card I had pulled from The Loot Locker.  I shipped him that card with some other items I thought he might need for his collection and he sent me the following.

First up we have some base Cubs cards of Hack Wilson, Ben Christenson, Starlin Castro and Brian McRae.

Next we have a few junk wax era cards from 87 Donruss.  I really liked this year from Donruss and have decided I'd like to pick up some more good players from this set.  I'm looking for Greg Maddux and Bo Jackson next from this set.  I feel like everyone should have some fun junk wax cards in their collection.

A Miguel Montero, Mark Prior Studio Portraits 13/50 and Carson Sands 87/100 from Prizm.  Really love that Mark Prior card.  The Montero also completes my 2015 Topps Cubs list.

Another Kris Bryant to add to my collection.  This one appears to have been given out during All Star FanFest this year.  If anyone has any more info on this card, let me know!

Continuing with more Kris Bryant cards are a couple of custom made cards from Gavin!  Thanks for these, they are always fun to get and add to the collection.

Lastly, we have a Topps Archives Signatures Vida Blue.  I'm becoming a sucker for these Archives Autos.

Thanks again go to Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown.  He has a great blog and is great to trade with.  Thank you!


  1. Glad you like! I still need to post about the cards you sent.. sorry for the delay there!